I remember a time when God helped me reunite with my other side of the family after I had been adopted by the usual side for most my life,what happened was I was at my uncle's place house sitting his pets when I thought I'd take a shower but before this I got a feeling to get on facebook and search for my 2 half brothers,I had tried many times to not only find them but my mother as well and so I thought it strange to get the feeling to try again after so many years but nonetheless I searched again and I found this same person,a young man who nearly looked like my aduldest younger brother who I had seen before on facebook but he looked angry and so I thought"it couldn't be him" but this time around I checked his friends and found that my mother was one of his friends,naturally I was over the moon because it seemed this indeed was my aduldest younger brother yet one thing remained I had to message him to find out if this was true because of course it would be "embarrassing" saying stuff like do you remember me I'm your older brother but I took the risk first apologizing in case he wasn't my brother then asking if he remembered me and sent the message,then I took a shower and right after this I checked my facebook account to see if the person I messaged responded and I was totally awestruck because it Was my adultest younger brother,he had messaged me back explaining that they had put themselves and mom on facebook for just the purpose of me finding them and there after he had given me a number I called him and my father had just gotten there to pick me up from house sitting my uncle's pets to take me back to his house(after I was of age I moved out from my uncle's who adopted me to my father's house)but since things were bad there and I wanted to leave quick anyways I got back to my father's house packed up my stuff,called my brother for directions to Mom's(she offered to let me stay with her so I accepted)and by the end of the day I was at my mother's meeting my brothers,mom,and uncle(one of mom's brothers)all over again as well as not long after,meeting family I never knew and spending time with the three people I had been separated from for so long,had to be God that made it happen! If anyone else has a testimony of God reuniting you with family please feel free to share it in this thread(I for one don't care about bad spelling or punctuation so please just type it,naturally, without cussing as well as type it the best way you know how, after all this is to be a testimony not a computer or english assignment,just be you!)