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Thread: Deliverance from Schizophrenia and Tuberous Sclerosis

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    Default Deliverance from Schizophrenia and Tuberous Sclerosis

    I am currently 21 years old and congregating at a pentecostal church. I'm going to be sharing with you my testimony on how I came to know Jesus Christ, my savior.

    It all began one day, when my friend invited me to attend church with him, this church wasn't like any other church I'd been to, it was a Pentecostal church, a church I had never heard of it.

    Growing up, I was used to attending catholic churches all my life, I was even baptized catholic as a baby, I was taught to use a rosary, pray to Virgin Mary and to dead people. My friend kept on bugging me to come to church with him, I finally accepted, I remember getting prayed for at this church, this man laying both of his hands on my head and praying for me, I fell down on the floor and became really emotional, what was happening? I didn't understand at the time. The holy spirit made a change in my heart that day, a change I will never forget. I didn't go back to that church until years later.
    Years went by, as I got into high school, all I really wanted was to fit in, I started wearing makeup, I took pills to lose weight, I started going to clubs and parties, consuming drugs and drinking, giving myself away to different men, My life was a complete mess, I had this deep void in my heart, I was seeking attention in the wrong places, I knew something important was missing in my life, but what was it?

    one day I got caught stealing, I cried bitterly, how could I let all of this happen? A couple of years later, I opened the TV to a man preaching about Jesus Christ and how I need to put my faith in Him. I was fully attentive, I began having faith and believing in Jesus Christ, I knew He was real but I wanted to know more, Is Jesus really the son of God? is heaven and hell real? I went on a long journey to find out this truth, I bought myself a bible and a book called Jesus calling, I read this book day and night until I prayed and asked the holy spirit to open up my eyes to see things the way He does, all of a sudden, my eyes were opened, nature became more vivid, trees we're beautiful, I could see and hear Gods love everywhere. That night I was invited to go bowling with friends, I heard a song from Rihana, a famous world pop singer ''Set fire to the world'' God let me hear spiritually the deception thru music of the world, I could discern how that song was inspired by Satan himself, he is out there to deceive the world and music is one of His main targets to do so. I heard a lot of gossiping from my friends of the world and God opened my understand to see how much He hates gossip, He wants us all to love one another, as we are made in His image.

    Getting back home, I kept on reading my devotional, I fell deeply in love with Jesus, that void began to leave. I began understanding that He is a God of love, He loves me unconditionaly, more than I can ever imagine. I spent time repenting of my sins, telling Him how much I wanted to change. I began speaking in tongues by faith and praying for people to come to the truth and to get delivered from their bondage's, I prayed that God would break chains and strongholds in peoples lives after having read that in a christian book. I saw visions of really big chains breaking in my mind as I would pray for peoples chains and strongholds to be broken. It was a powerful, supernatural experience that I will never forget. I went to my friends home and my christian friend called me and asked me if i wanted to accept Jesus, as I was praying to accept Jesus I felt the holy spirit coming over me more and more, a strong fire burning within me, my sins erased and forgiven, I knew in that moment Jesus is real, He really died for my sins! He loves me. shortly after, I was taken to the hospital after having a strong demonic attack, Satan was not happy with my decision to accept Jesus, I was brought to the hospital in a psychiatric ward, arms and legs tied up, Satan tried to get me to kill myself, I stabbed myself with a plastic fork, I stuck my fingers in my mouth to stop breathing. he knew the great plans God had for my life and tried to stop me from living out those plans by trying to get me to take my life. The thought came to me afterwards... I am not a schizophrenic!!! Jesus died for my sins! I am delivered and healed! I began walking in this truth, walking around the halls and greeting people, showing them that love that I received from Jesus, being humiliated and brought low, but it didn't matter, He was all that truly mattered, feeling His love daily in my life, I didn't want to leave. I witnessed people getting delivered! God is a healer and I give Him all the glory. To whomever may be reading this, I encourage you to let Jesus come into your heart today, I promise you, He is so worth it. God has mighty plans for your life! never stop going to church NO MATTER WHAT.

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    Default Re: Deliverance from Schizophrenia and Tuberous Sclerosis

    Thanks for sharing. I bet your friend was beside himself-happy that you discovered Jesus
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    Default Re: Deliverance from Schizophrenia and Tuberous Sclerosis

    Powerful, beautiful testimony of Gods love and the salvation of our Lord......God is so amazing all that He is as He is our Abba Father He takes good care of His children....Our Lord Jesus is our wonderful Redeemer, Lord and Savior..... thank you for sharing .....We exult you God ...Love In Christ Sherril.....
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