I delight in you my God for one way that I know I do right for you is when your former angel lucifer and his demons afflict me,lately there have been so many events to afflict me in multiple ways such as through people I care for,or even through disgusting dreams or death dreams seeking me to lust after some fictional females or for me to be afraid of random strange wicked creatures,and to Lucifer aka Satan I say "bring it on" for the more ye seek to tempt me or dishearten me or seek to frighten me the more I rejoice in Jesus Christ my saviour and the more I know that the path I am on despite nay sayers is "Just",So go on Satan bring falsities,and abominations,to my face and each time I shall rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ,and go my way for the lord,try to make my desires into a pile of ashes whilst I beseech Jesus to strengthen me and the holy spirit to guide me around your little petty traps and snares,for to all your actions I say,"praise be to God" when you seek me to do otherwise,my foundation is on the solid rock of Jesus and it's high time you get that through your head.