I was reading James, really in a great place of focus and deliberately seeking God for matters of the heart and mind.
Well, as I was focusing on the part that says, "anyone who does not keep a tight reign on his tongue" (1:26), a man sat down with a coffee in hand. And without warning he started to share his life's story. It was really interesting, but it was a LOT.

Still, God gave me calmness as I patiently listened to what he said, without rushing him. He shared more and I chimed in and echoed similar parts of my life. And then he shared more. But I said nothing about the Bible at my hand. ("Listen, relate, wait" was the wisdom given.) And then it happened, he said something that was the Holy Spirit and the man giving a green light to ask about if he believed in Christ and eventually inviting him to church.

Well, I have invited many people over the years and most of them had good intentions of letting me down with a positive "no thanks" or "I can't" or "sure thing." But this man was different. As I showed up in the rainy cold, there was "C-bear," holding a Bible and ready to go to church.

The praise is this: That God got a hold of me
And that someone kept their word about coming to church.

Lord, I still need to listen, not so much to endure but to love others. Help me discern truth from tales made up, but also help your love to be in my listening. Also, help us to cling to the truths of your Word and not just the Bible.
You know my needs, and his. And I thank you, Lord, because you continue to do great things in each of us.
In Jesus' name, don't stop now.