A year ago, I was trying to talk a cousin out of making some dead-end choices,
especially when it came to following God. He listened, he responded, and then he distanced himself...
and I respectfully did likewise.

Well, I did a bad job in following up and I allowed my relationship with him to become a thing of the past.
But I never really forgot the discussions and frustration he exuded.
Better yet, God continued to build a Relationship into that confused teenager's life. (Who better?)

Well, tonight, learning the work did not need me, I decided to go see my sick grandmother.
And, lo and behold, my cousin was there!

It turns out that he has grown soooo much in the past year.
And what looked to be a dead-end was a great transforming act of God's grace.

Tonight, my grandmother, my cousin, and myself spent a time of solid prayer for each other and family and God's will.
A man who would not listen became a conduit of Hope.

Like that song says, my cousin was speaking words of Life.
And the one I wanted to lift up... he encouraged.

Oh, we also watched football.
But who cares.... the enriching time together was enough.