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Thread: Chicken Nuggets Tug

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    Default Chicken Nuggets Tug

    A member of my church gave a testimony yesterday..she had gone to the grocery store and shopped with her mother. Right as they got to the checkout line .. a long, holiday line...her mother reminded Sam of a need of chicken nuggets for Sam's husband. Sam ran to the freezer section as fast as she could to maintain their place in line. Grabbed a bag of nuggets and headed back. She only got as far as produce when she heard, "Go get another bag of chicken nuggets". She considered it, but thought, "No, one is enough.. I don't have time or need to get two." Again, the thought came, "Go back and get another bag." This time she knew it was not her thought but the Holy Spirit. So she ran back again and as she got there, she noticed a cut in the bag. The nuggets she had was only half full. She grabbed a different bag and thankfully headed for checkout..praising the Lord. It was a little thing, but thanks Holy Spirit.

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    Default Re: Chicken Nuggets Tug

    God is very much into the little things that are easily missed or overlooked. I scored a jug of egg nog today as my favorite brand was in stock. Yes, praise the Lord for sweating the small stuff for us. Chicken nuggets are good. I like tater tots too.

    They're Ore-ida.
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    Default Re: Chicken Nuggets Tug

    I read the title of this and thought, what in the world... lol
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    Default Re: Chicken Nuggets Tug

    just think about this, Jesus must love CN's...
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