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Thread: Listing praises that poured today...

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    Default Listing praises that poured today...

    1) I was talking with someone in the office about hoping to connect with someone who might walk with me. Just as I said this, I saw someone I was praying about running into recently. And I quickly approached her at the row of mailboxes. And we exchanged numbers and are looking for good, plain conversation to take place over morning walks.

    2) I had not received any tips at work until I started humming "Count your blessings, name them one by one."
    As I did this, I immediately found change on the table I went to clean. It was very little, but it meant so very much.
    Well, from this experience I then met others who also tipped larger amounts.

    In fact, one family made eye contact and I was bubbly and quick to help, when they quietly offered their thanks.
    My boss had just told me to leave and before I could clock out, they blessed me. This was helpful, because this past week used more income than I normally budget.

    3) I finally reconnected with an old friend, someone who is older and wiser, but is just as scatter-brained as me.
    She needed to pickup some boxes and I was glad to tag along.

    4) I received mercy. God knows the details. But it stuns me. And I just praise God for such willingness.

    5) I praise Him anyway.

    Lord, I thank you for the little blessings.
    And I do need to count them more, and to your credit.
    But I am also like Joseph in that I lose track of your immeasurable grace in my life.
    Regardless, thank you for blessings shared, not shared, and those yet-to-be.
    Thank you for You. And thanks that I have this chance to praise your name.
    Get the Glory, in Jesus' name, amen.
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    I appreciate your ideas, advice, and prayers. I mean to love Jesus.

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    Default Re: Listing praises that poured today...

    yes its christs merry christmas everyone my temperol testimony satan loves to get in the way he wants to wreck our lives he loves abuse:

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    Default Re: Listing praises that poured today...


    thanks for the wonderful 'witness', and for having the 'will of heart' to follow
    the Will, of 'The Only True God...our Creator, Lord, and Saviour'...

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