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Thread: Praise: He stopped me

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    Default Praise: He stopped me

    I was in the right vehicle, but I was in the wrong frame of mind. I was about to turn; however, I noticed a sign. I opted to follow the directions, but I never intended on getting hit.

    Just like that, my vehicle was rammed by a Whoknowswhat, a much larger automobile, and I was stopped on the side of the road. While the collision could have been worse, it never should have happened. But it did happen.

    My ride was ruined by the wreck, making junk metal out of needed transportation. Including minor whiplash, my week turned a direction never expected. So, here I am, wondering how I will get past another setback-- while seeking to trust in God.

    Well, the Lord has proven Himself to be Faithful yet again. My dad, normally a homebody, decided to drive into town.
    And while I could be grateful for offered rides to and from work-- and I am-- I am more excited by the time I have gleaned from his compassion and wisdom.

    But better than all of this, I am grateful for tonight, as we just talked together for an over an hour's time.
    The time was nice, the talk was good. But the transition was perhaps best experienced.

    Before leaving for the night, my dad sincerely, gently, and yet authoritatively prayed over me.
    I wanted to go. (Literally, I was hoping to use the restroom.) But he delayed "for a word of prayer," which was so spirit-filled that I wonder if-- aside from sounding foolishly egotistical-- if God meant for me to lose a vehicle, so I might gain whatever God gave through my dad in prayer.

    He praised God. He sought Him for my benefit. And He humbly asked for us to keep trusting in the Lord.
    And even before he said amen, my trust multiplied with his faith. My outlook changed as much as the events of the week did.

    ...all because He stopped me.

    As it says in Proverbs 25:11, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."(Unrelated, but it so happens I was given a bag of apples when he picked me up.
    How ironic is that!?)

    Lord, thank you for stopping me,
    especially when I am headed the wrong direction.
    thanks for those who take time to really pray.
    In Jesus' name, amen.

    Edit: And be with the other party who suffers from the collision. Your will be done, amen.
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    I appreciate your ideas, advice, and prayers. I mean to love Jesus.

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    Default Re: Praise: He stopped me

    AMEN and AMEN...

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    Default Re: Praise: He stopped me

    Thanks for sharing Ideator, very encouraging.
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    Default Re: Praise: He stopped me

    "But as for you (satan), you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.Genesis 50:20

    Praise God! I would have liked to be of the frame of mind to accept a talk from my well as that he would have been well enough to talk with me. Be forever blessed! -student

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