As I worked hard to please I took note the kindness in one man's voice.
His spirit was one of peace, even giving it. Well, I was at work, so I could not stop at the time I noticed.

About twenty to thirty minutes later, I asked the man, "Are you a pastor, or studying to be one?"
He replied, "No, but you are close. I am preparing to be a missionary."
I then said, "Oh, that is nice. I love that. Do you have a blog or a website so I can support you."
He asked for my email, which I gave, and then I asked, "Where are you going?"
He said, well, he shared that he and his wife are traveling to a country near the Philippines.

After this little blessing of talking with a man of Peace, I went back to work.
Not much more time had passed when the missionary couple approached me.
And as he handed something to me, he said, "the Lord already spoke to me to give this to you by the time we talked."
And then they were gone.

Well, a few days later, while checking for legal documents for handling insurance matters, I was stunned to see he actually emailed me. And it was such a faith-boosting read! He shared the organization he's traveling with and the time he and his wife need to relocate. (Pray for them, as the territory and culture is somewhat new to them and paperwork can slow the process/frustrate.)

Anyways, that's my belated praise.

Lord, thank you for how strangers can connect because of Christ. It certainly is better than clashing because of Christ. Still, no matter the agreeableness with others, help the missionaries to agree with You. Help them to listen for direction, even as they step with trust and faith. Help many to come to Jesus, being saved from sin-sick living. And thanks for impressing on our hearts to speak up or to be silent, to work or to be still, to give or to humbly receive. And help us to remember Your heart-warming faithfulness on a cold evening. In Jesus' name, your will be done, amen.