I was in a waiting room and many people bypassed me and got through sooner.
It is likely they were flu related, which mine was a precaution.
Anyways, at one point a lady who was experiencing the same phenomenon decided to make a fuss about it,
and it kind of riled me up-- had I the energy.
Well, instead of doing anything, I literally drew circles and spirals, letting time tick away.
However, I did get to a limit and was closing in on saying something,
when I noticed a lady who was nervous and impatient.
If nothing else, she was not smiling.
Wanting to turn from my feeling "yuck,"
I wrote, "I like you earrings."
And lower down, "Oh, and I like your smile."
She happened to sit next to me, so I was thrilled with the chance.
And sure enough, it worked.
She half-smiled at the random comment about earrings.
But she full-on smiled with follow up note of appreciation.
And we actually began a nice conversation about sign-language--
only, that was when they called my name.

Praise God.
When I gave up my stress to help another, in this case, God came through.

By the way, the doctor says I'm "normal." (LOL!)

please pray for continued healing in my muscles, so I might be of better service to others in need.