I was thinking as to why I don't ask God about things most people ask him about. I don't. In fact, when I am told to pray, I have a hard time thinking of something to pray about.

My first prayer sounded something like this:

God, whatever you have for me to do today for your glory, I ask you to do it. Give me an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus today. And help me to share with them your love.
Lord Jesus, keep me from pride, and from harm. Don't let me fall. Lord, I don't need things from you, I just want you to do your will today. I don't need anything else other than your help to do your will.

That is the basis of my prayers. And then I read about when Jesus taught the disciples to pray. Then my prayer became the exact words that Jesus said. But it felt rushed and not personal. But Then someone told me about it being a manner of prayer. But only now, just today, I understand what it means to pray after that manner.

He wasn't giving us a pattern, more than he was showing us the pattern of a disciples heart in prayer. Many people pray using vain repetitions, but their hearts aren't there.
I simply realized that I had been praying after that manner already. And I shouldn't change that manner for a pattern.

Many people like to pray for temporary things, but those prayers are just empty and they bring more sorrow really. This must be the type of prayer that wants to pray for lustful things. WOW! Jesus told us about this in the parable of the sower!!

The manner of prayer Jesus spoke of is prayer out of pure heart. Out of love for God, and of our neighbors.

I don't have to ask God for carnal things. I am more than satisfied in him alone. I just want him to do his will in my life, as he does from heaven in the whole world.

Let's pray after the fashion, after this manner.

May Jesus bless you.