I was in the 6th grade when I started getting really sick. For two years, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, and gave me anti-depressants and said everything was in my head. Doctor to doctor I went, and each one said and did the same thing. By the 8th grade I was actually sicker from all the meds I was on. All my friends left me because I was never at school and they thought I was gross for always being sick. But everyday I would remind myself that God is with me and is putting me through this for a reason. My dad would tell me that I will be okay, because no one is put on this earth to suffer every day and not make it. And finally I found my current doctor who is not your normal doctor. He is very wholistic and doesn't give up. After my second visit he diagnosed me with chronic mycoplasma pneumonia. I had MANY treatments done, and just as things were looking up, I get a concussion. It was so bad that I tore tendons and ligaments in my neck as well. So that threw everything else off too. I got more procedures done, most of which were very painful and scary. I won't go into great detail but let's just say that I have had any needles enter my body, ranging in size from half and inch to 8 inches deep into my body. My stomach and back for my mycoplasma, and my neck and head for the concussion. But after all the procedures, I started to get better. I realized that things were turning out okay and I was coming out on top. God helped me through my hard times and got me back up on my feet. He held my hand through all my sleepless nights and all my surgeries and procedures. I am now 16 and looking back five years ago I would NEVER be where I am today without God. I would be in a hospital going crazy or something. God kept me calm when most people would have flipped out with what I went through. Even though I still get sick every once and a while, it's not near as bad as it was before. I thank God everyday for healing me. I am blessed.