When I finally got baptized this Sunday, I gave a "short" testimony. Some would say it is long lol but others did hear it! So, here it is! It is written in "speech form" so I apologize if it's difficult to read from the poor grammar.

[begin testimony]

Morning everyone. My name is oopsies (no, it is not but I deleted my real name ). After having gone through the process of preparing my testimony, I now understand why it’s so difficult for pastors to shorten their sermons. My first draft was 8 minutes long – not too bad. My second draft turned into a sermon. Congregational laughter is not included. Oh, this is the third draft. Don’t worry.

The thing is there’s so much to say but so little time to say it all. However, the unfortunate truth is no matter how long or how detailed the message is, well, the moment you walk out those doors, you will forget. But I do want you to remember my testimony. I want you to be edified by my testimony.

Most of you know me by face, if not by name. I’ve been at [insert church] for about 13/14 years. I’ve been here since I was a kid.

Baptism is commanded. I’ve known that for years. I grew up in a Christian family. My whole family is baptized; my grandparents are baptized, my brothers are baptized, my parents are baptized, my cousins are baptized. I’ve been at this church for 13 years! I’ve witnessed many of you get baptized! There is no way that I could not have known. I knew it. But I still didn’t get baptized. You’re probably wondering, if I knew I had to do it, then why didn’t I do it?

[pause for effect]

I didn’t get baptized because I couldn’t see anyone else who was baptized, bear fruit.

Yes, I know it’s the wrong reason. I should’ve done this years ago and I’m shamed to the core for using this as an excuse all these years for not getting baptized. I know that now. My belief is between God and myself. I answer to no one except to God. My obedience has nothing to do with anyone else.

But here’s the thing. Many non-believers say that God can’t possibly exist because there’s no quote-un-quote “hard” evidence or proof. But it’s not scientific evidence or proof that they’re really looking at. They may not admit it but they’re really looking at us. We are the proof. We are the evidence that shows that God exists. Our daily living is the proof – the living proof.

But look at me. For something as simple as following Jesus’ command to get baptized, I didn’t and the reason was based on how you live your daily life even though it's not your fault. Just think about this for a moment. We’re not talking about believers to non-believers. We’re talking about believers to believers and even your behaviour can affect another believer in a dramatic way. Imagine the effect you have on non-believers.

To all those present today who are born again but not yet baptized, get baptized. Take it from someone who’s learned a hard lesson. Yes, there was a lesson involved but I'm not telling you what it is! Your belief, your faith, your baptism has nothing to do with anyone except yourself.

To all those present today who are non-believers. If your neighbour comes over to you and tells you that they’ve prepared an earthquake kit and asks, “Have you prepared your earthquake kit?” You reply, “No.” Then they say, “Well, when an earthquake hits, don’t come running to me. You’re on your own.” Because of their snobbishness, you decide not to prepare an earthquake kit. Does that make sense to you? No. Because when the earthquake hits, it’s all about you. They have their earthquake kit but you don’t. Who cares if the neighbour was snobbish. You’re the one without the kit!

We have a prayer team that stands up front during the service. They’re here to help you. If you want to prepare your kit today, come up. Let them help you. If you’re not ready today but you want to learn more, we have a lot of small groups, programs, and stuff going on at the church.

And to my fellow believers, the next time you are about to gossip or be critical, stop and remember this testimony. The next time you whine, complain, show ungratefulness and dissatisfaction, stop and remember this testimony. The next time you’re about to mock, roll-your-eyes, be sarcastic, stop and remember this testimony. Because how sad it would be if the person would have come to Christ, turns their face away because of how you behaved. Fellow believers, let’s prune ourselves together so that we can bring people to Christ. Let us be the living proof.

So I stand before you today so that you may be a witness to the rededication of my body to Christ as a temple unto God for His glory.

[end testimony]

That's it! Then I answered a few questions from the pastor and got very wet.