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Thread: Donating/Supporting Christian Chat

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    Default Donating/Supporting Christian Chat

    If one decides to support Christian Chat, whether by a single contribution, by monthly, by some other way that contributes moneys directly through this site, is there away on the site to:
    (1) Make sure Christian Chat received the money?
    (2) Keep track of contributions?
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    Default Re: Donating/Supporting Christian Chat

    Well, my understanding is Robo, the site owner, has set up and personally handles all donations himself. And he has a few options. PayPal is one such option. So far I've never heard of any serious issues with the donations.
    As far as keeping track, no idea. It likely depends on how you pay, I would guess. But either way I'd keep track myself.
    This is all second hand information, though. Except for the PayPal option which I've heard Robo mention.
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