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Thread: How to use an image as a backround in my home page?

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    Default How to use an image as a backround in my home page?

    I see others have i but I just have this plain black color for now
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    Default Re: How to use an image as a backround in my home page?

    You mean a profile picture? Settings tab, edit profile picture, save changes afterward.

    If you mean actual background, I think you have to go to General Settings, and then "edit profile", create your background, then click save changes after..
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    Default Re: How to use an image as a backround in my home page?

    Click your user name on the upper right hand side of this (or any) page to go to your profile page. There, on the right hand side, across from the top of your member image, is a button that says Customize My Profile. Click it. Another page will be overlaid with three sections offering customization options: Buttons, Content, and Headers. The page background is in the first section; enter the url for the image bg you want there. You can also enter urls for button bgs in the first section. The second and third sections allow you to add bgs for both active and inactive modules and module content; all sections allow you to select border and text colors. Make sure to save your changes as you make them. It is a fairly small green button across the top of the overlay, near the middle. You may have to play around with it a bit, and check it periodically to make sure your image urls are displaying properly. Good luck!

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