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Thread: Default option not available

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    Default Default option not available

    On Windows 10 i want to change the default software from WMP to a new player, MusicBee. When I go into Settings, Default App and click on the Default Media Player a list of options come up, but MusicBee is not one of them. The only other option besides other apps is the Media Store, which is useless to me.
    Is there a way in W10 I can either manually set the default or add MusicBee as a Settings option (My preferred choice)?
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    Default Re: Default option not available

    Do these suggestions even get read & fixed?

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    Default Re: Default option not available

    Yes, no, sometimes, not very often..

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    Default Re: Default option not available

    If you go to Apps & features (listed right above Default App) in Settings and scroll down past your list of apps, there is an option to Change app defaults, mebbe, unless you've already tried that?
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