All names and locations are made up for their protection. So does "Arab" mean specifically Arab, or does it mean the entire Muslim world?

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Dec 14, 2021
Amazing! There are a community of Christians in the darkest parts of our world. I thought the Muslims killed all of you off by now. You guys must feel like you're living in the days of the disciples over there.

Even if the worst happens, you can only go to heaven, and most USA Christians believe that the Bible suggests that all of the faithful who have died will return with Christ when he comes again.


Active member
May 22, 2019
many westerners think all muslims are ARABS.. they not realise that majority of Muslims in world are not ARABS at all but are Asian descendents. Indonesia is prime example. Pakistan. another

Arabs are from Middle east and while Islam started there it is now everywhere in world and is fastest growing religion in many countries.

So we have a forum for Arabs now. interesting ......


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2018
Paul went to Arabia and stayed there for 3 years before going on his missionary journeys in the mediteranean. God taught him there and some of the very first gentile christians were arabs.

see Galatians 1:17

Islam began much later around the 7th century

I think ppl need to learn some history and geography of the Middle East before assuming that all arabs are muslims, for a lot of arabs, Islam has been imposed on them. For those living under sharia law, it must be hard though there are many secret believers in Jesus


Junior Member
Mar 20, 2018
From what I have learned, there are a lot of Christians in Syria and Gaza, around 1/10 Syrians are Christian. :) Many have decended from Arabic folks, or other Middle Eastern races. I kinda like history and human culture by the way.