Born again Christian

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May 14, 2010
The Christian term "Born-again" came from one book only and maybe million of Bible teacher and preacher explained it in the radio, TV, and reading materials.Yet up to now it seems many have conflicting understanding on this term "Born-again." This term is spiritual in nature and only spiritual Christians will understand it clearly. A prerequisite to understanding is having faith in the Bible teaching about the nature of man. Man is a spirit, soul, and body. When Adam and Eve sinned, the Holy Spirit left their spirit or was vacant. Their spirit is technically dead. Their spirit remains intact but useless.

When a person who heard the good news of salvation and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in life, the Holy Spirit enter and reside in their spirit, hence "Born-again." re: the Book of Romans. The spirit of the man is sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will only depart at the time of death. The dead person's spirit and the Holy Spirit will return to God (Pls. see Ecclesiates) So a Born-again person will remain Born-again throughout the life on this world. But the Bible says the Holy Spirit can be quenched and grieved. The Holy Spirit resides in the spirit but binded and cannot exercise His power. This is the reason why many can't understand the teaching about being "Born-again" because the Holy Spirit is grieved or quenched. Give the honor to our God and Savior Jesus Christ for this revelation.
what a beautiful explanation ^..^..^

this what I love about christian sites..

the HOLY Spirit does inspire words of wisdom and teaching..

thankyou for sharing...and creating this thread

i have replyed to this thread from reading the original post..without reading any replys..I am sure there sre some good ones..

EDIT NOTE: oops..wrong again..that was far from the first post...but none the less a good thread topic on the phrase "born again"..

I still love the wisdom of the quoted post, in this post...(I make a lot of small detail error at times..I'm workin on improving that..umm..along with my telepathy..)

have no idea how thats going (rolls eyes up) far I can read my own thoughts..2.2 millionths of a second before I have them...not so impressive really..(winks)
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