Isaiah 40:27-41:16

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Senior Member
Aug 30, 2015
ISAIAH 40:27-41:16

The prophet is encouraging Israel saying that YHVH will support them, will protect them. Israel has been through a lot, they are weary of being persecuted, well, they went away from the LORD and went after false gods, yet, when they
repent, YHVH will be there.

They are weary, weak, tired. Yes, when we do it in our own strength, yet when we go in the strength of YHVH, HE is our strength. We are not talking about physical strength, but spiritual strength. The physical is and always be physical. We can be strong physically by eating right, exercise, etc.…but we can be spiritually strong through prayer, reading God’s word, and just trusting in HIM for our needs.

“Thou art my servant, I have chosen thee and not cast thee away, fear not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God, I strengthen thee, help thee, uphold thee… (41:10)

What better promise from God do we have? He has chosen us as HIS people, through Yeshua, we become an active part of the commonwealth of Israel, and, as our LORD, and Master, He will provide.

MATT 5:1-48

There is a lot of meat in this chapter, besides the Beatitudes, which are “blessed are the…” poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek (or humble) etc.… these we can understand, Yeshua is explaining this quite clearly. But there is another part which needs explanation. 5:17-18

“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets. I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. For verily I say unto thee, till heaven and earth pass, not one yod or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled”

This has been a misunderstood verse in many if not all Bible churches today. What is “Law?” in the Latin we have the word “legis” which when translated into English, we get “law”. The problem is when we go into the original Hebrew the word in “Torah” which means “instruction, teaching". When translated correctly into Latin, it would have been; “disciplinam”, “educatio” “instructio” “mandatum” Any of these words would have been better than “legis”

In the ancient Hebrew, when
worded “destroy” and “fulfill” meant that “destroying” is “erroneous interpretation” and “fulfilling” meant “correctly interpreting”. Yeshua did indeed “fulfill” the Torah, the biggest and most important fulfillment was dying for our sins. He fulfilled the Old Testament sacrificial system of animal blood, using his own blood.

The Torah consists of commandments, 613 to be exact. If we say, “we no longer have to live by those old-fashioned laws, the “law” is over, finished, ended, then…why don’t we go out to rob a house, to take your neighbor’s wife, to murder someone you don’t like? Those commandments are part of the “law”, aren’t they? So, if it is over with, well, why not? Because Yeshua himself said so! That he didn’t come to “end “or “get rid of, or “abrogate” as some translations have.

Of course, many of the 613 commandments are not for today, since there is no more animal sacrifice nor Levitical priesthood, but many are STILL for today. That is the reason for Bible study, which ones are or not.

As our rabbi (now in heaven) once said; “Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater” Now, someone is going to write a comment saying; “But doesn’t the Word say if we break one commandment it is like breaking them all?” we are guilty then of breaking the entire “law”

The answer is that if one is trusting in obedience to the commandments as our method of gaining eternal life and acceptance by God, then, YES, we are guilty, since YHVH demands PERFECT holiness, Yet, our salvation does NOT depend on our obedience to the commandments, but in accepting Yeshua’s sacrifice, and trusting HIM as LORD and Savior. Our obedience to the commandments comes AS A RESULT OF our renewed relationship with YHVH through Yeshua

Are the heavens passed away yet? NO! is the earth still here? YES, is the WORD of God still here in our midst? YES, is the LIVING WORD in our hearts? YES! Have a blessed Sabbath.


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2011
Many refer to the national laws of most democracies as being Roman. Perhaps it is,; it really is moot when we are speaking of faith, the gift from the Father.

Hebrews will be saved globally, and not one will fail,but first one must understand the entire meaning of Hebrew and how it is applied whun used in prophecy.

All Jews will be save, again, it is imperative to understand what Judah means and how it is applied.

Many well-meaning people who say they believe are not aware that the physical Israel today is nothing like that of Moses, that is his writing on how it was to be.

There were no sects or Judaism in the first Israel. It was a theocracy so to speak, just as the Kingdom is, and always will be, the Israel ofElohanu.

Our Father is prepareing the New Jerusalem, foursquare, gold(the faith of the saints), and eternal. The capital of the true Israel. (It also helps to know exactly what Israel means.)

Elohanue declared several times inthe teachings that He is our King, our Husband, our Salvation and more. Yeshiyahu.

He instructs us in simple things like a drop of His rain and what its destiny is or in the appellations given the faithful in the Word.

The important way is in truly paying attention, waiting for understanding, and having the wisdom to recognize what we do not understand.

Baruch HaShem Yahweh, vak Beno v HaRuach Chodesh….Kol tov mi Abba.