Isaiah 51:12-52:12; John 11:1-57; Matt 7:1-3

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Senior Member
Aug 30, 2015
ISAIAH 51:12-52:12

The prophet speaks through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) “Therefore, my people shall know MY NAME…..” one thing is to know about God, the other is to KNOW HIM, and “HIS NAME” but we know that God has many names and titles, But his Most Holy Name is Y_H V H (Yod Hey Vav Hey) The one who WAS, IS, and WILL BE, whose letters, in the ancient Hebrew, symbolize “Behold the nail, behold the hand” whose name is also YESHUAH which means SALVATION.

” How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger of good tidings, who announces “shalom” who announces YESHUAH (salvation) and who announces “God Rules!” This is the message that every born-again believer should be concerned with. When we talk to people about God, the message is that “YHVH is alive and well, and that He Rules in the hearts of all who come to him through YESHUA and that through YESHUA we get YESHUAH and SHALOM in our lives.

” YHVH hath made bare His HOLY ARM, in the eyes of ALL NATIONS, and all the ends of the earth shalt see the YESHUAH of our God”

2000 years ago, Adonai made bare his HOLY ARM in the person of Yeshua HaMashiach, who walked on this earth, who taught the truths of the Torah, who healed the sick, and raised the dead, and who took upon himself all of our sins, the name YAH which is a short form of YAHWEH, is spelled with only two Hebrew letters, the YOD, and the HEY, which symbolize “Behold the Arm (or hand) so…YeshuAH has the Y and the H, Salvation is for ALL THE NATIONS, for those who will put their trust in the Messiah Yeshua. One day, ALL the Nations will SEE YESHUA, in the flesh, and HE WILL REIGN! Baruch HaShem!

JOHN 11:1-57

This is the story about “Elazar” (Lazarus) who died and was resurrected. We see that Miryam sends word to Yeshua that Elazar, her brother is sick and dying, yet Yeshua tarries, does not rush to heal Elazar, he waits until he is finally dead, and then, 4 days later, he shows up. He could have arrived in time to heal him, yet he waits! But why? To understand, we need to understand one of the Jewish mindsets of that time.

It was believed back then that when a person died, his or her soul left the body, yet stayed near the body for three days, on the fourth day, it left and descended to Sheol, It was believed that after 4 days, only the MESSIAH could resurrect a person, even from the pit of Sheol.

When He called out “Elazar, come forth” he did come out of the tomb. As believers, we all look forward to the resurrection of our bodies, when we die, our bodies will be buried, yet WE will be in the presence of the LORD. Our bodies will be transformed into incorruptible bodies, which will join our souls in Heaven. Rav Shaul said, “To be absent from the body is to be in the presence of the LORD” which means, either we are in our bodies, or we are in heaven with the LORD, how else could one interpret that verse?

So, take heart, we have “x” number of years to live here on earth, yet, the earth is not our permanent home, our home is in the New Jerusalem, where we will live…well…time is not a factor…FOREVER….is!

MATT 7:1-3

“Judge Not lest ye be judged,” I thought I might add this verse, since many people misinterpret this verse by saying; “Well, there are judges, and their job is to render decisions and even dictate prison sentences, why does it say that we should not judge?” The type of “judgment” that is being mentioned is “final condemnation” or “pre-judging” a person without knowing all the facts. We might talk to a person, invite the person to church or synagogue. That person might come twice and then, not return, maybe two shabbats or Sundays, that person might be absent. It would be wrong to say; “So-and-so really didn’t accept Yeshua, where is he (or she)? That person isn’t here, so, that person was not really serious, watch out “so-and-so” you’re on your way to hell!”

That person might be sick or had to work, we don’t know the situation. We should not “judge” that person in that way, with a condemning attitude, rather call or visit the person and find out if he or she needs help or what the case could be. Is the car working? Does the person need a ride? Careful that we do not condemn, because we will be “judged” by Adonai in the same way we might “condemn” another person.

Let us reach out to the person and offer to advise from the Torah in a loving way if the person is erring, we should “correct” the person according to scripture, privately and in love, and never in a “condemning” fashion. Remember that we will ALL face our righteous “shofet” one day.


Very interesting. First time I heard about the soul lingering