Isaiah 6:1-7:6 and Matthew 27

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Aug 30, 2015
ISAIAH 6:1-7:6

” KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ADONAI TZEVA’OT” .... Holy, Holy, Holy, is YHVH of hosts” When the Torah mentions the “Holiness” of God, the word is KADOSH, the “O” is there, (the letter “vav” in Hebrew) but when “holiness” is mentioned referring to mankind, the “O” is missing, and we have KAD_SH, this “missing “vav” symbolizes the “incompleteness of our holiness, because of our inborn “sin nature”

Yeshayahu (Isaiah) is being asked by God, “Whom shall I send, who will go for US?” (Elohim) The Prophet answers, “Here am I, send me!” and God responds, “Go, and tell the people!” That should be our attitude as well, we have those orders too from God, to “tell the people” about Yeshua, to teach those who will listen, his WORD, even though many will not understand at the beginning, or will refuse, we have to try, WE (all believers) are responsible for taking the “Good News” to others who will listen, and with modern technology, the internet, this has become possible, what used to be almost impossible, now is possible, with fingers going across the keyboard and with the click of the mouse, the word is sent out.

Isaiah must be saying right now, “Oh how I wish I had a laptop back then!”

MATTHEW 27:1-28:20

This relates the age-old story of Yeshua's trial, execution, and resurrection, this story we know well, He did it to pay the price of our sins, past, present, and future, His onetime only sacrifice was good forever, and still IS good forever. But many people still reject this sacrifice, reject this free gift of salvation, for a short-lived world of pleasure, for an eternity of suffering and pain.

When we look at Passover, which is coming up soon, we are reminded of the “Passover lambs” which were sacrificed/slaughtered on the eve of Passover. The blood of the lambs sprinkled on the doorposts of the Israelite houses in Goshen, thus protecting them from the Angel of Death. We could also presume that if an Egyptian family did the same, they also would have been spared being struck dead by the Death-Angel. (the firstborn that is).

All those sacrificed lambs point to Yeshua, who was the “Lamb of God” who took away the curse of sin from the world. The unleavened bread which was eaten that night, which we still eat on Passover, is “Yeshua the Bread of Life”. The Lamb of God and the Living Bread go together.

Pilate wrote these words on the cross, YESHUA OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS, in Hebrew it would have been 'YESHUA HA NOTZRI, V'HA MELECH Y'HUDIM. Within this title are the letters YHVH, which explain who Yeshua is really, God on earth, made flesh and blood, whose blood was shed to set us free.



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Jan 3, 2019

With the hands of time literally dwindling down to the very "End," should ignite us to be more encouraged to spread the Gospel of Yeshua.

I like the verses in Matthew 8:

28 When Yeshua arrived at the other side of the lake, in the Gadarenes' territory, there came out of the burial caves two men controlled by demons, so violent that no one dared travel on that road.

29 They screamed, "What do you want with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?"

I have highlighted in boldness parts of verse 29 that literally explains this seriousness and urgency of needing to take the Gospel to everyone we can. In verse 29, the demons make a profound statement, in my opinion. They ask if Yeshua is going to torture them "before the appointed time." This tells me, the demons and our Adversary is well aware they are on a time limit to deceive as many people as possible from knowing God. They are working triple time to send a dying and lost world to eternal damnation and separation from Yahweh, for all eternity. And we as believers of Yeshua, are not even working 1/8 of the time to save those people being deceived by the Adversary and demons. We should be ashamed of our efforts, knowing the fallen sons of God are working non stop to achieve their goal.
Mar 28, 2016
” KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ADONAI TZEVA’OT” .... Holy, Holy, Holy, is YHVH of hosts” When the Torah mentions the “Holiness” of God, the word is KADOSH, the “O” is there, (the letter “vav” in Hebrew) but when “holiness” is mentioned referring to mankind, the “O” is missing, and we have KAD_SH, this “missing “vav” symbolizes the “incompleteness of our holiness, because of our inborn “sin nature”
Interesting. The "O" would seem to be set aside, reserved for our unseen father in heaven alone.

Holy (unseen ) , Holy (unseen ), Holy (unseen ) with three representing the end of that matter. The amen

I thought of the verse below

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand: Mathew 24:15

There the Holy place is the unseen place of God as the glory of God, the place of faith. Some say the visible church is the holy place but that would seem to abomination of desolation.

Even the Son of man, Jesus refused to stand in that place as the master teacher . In effect just as in the same way Jesus as the Son of man said call no man on earth father the same applied with teacher Master

But don’t you be called ‘Rabbi,’ for one is your teacher, the Christ, and all of you are brothers. Call no man on the earth your father, for one is your Father, he who is in heaven. Neither be called masters, for one is your "master", the Christ. Mathew 23:8-10

In that way looking at the creation account . Good is defined by the unseen God.... "God saw the light, and saw that it was good." and again..."and the gathering together of the waters he called “seas”. God saw that it was good" and the third day... "with their seeds in it, after their kind; and God saw that it was good".. etc.

Matthew 19:17He said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but one, that is, God. But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.”

In that way he will not share his glory with any flesh, as if our "supernatural" (without beginning or end of Spirit life ) was a man as us to begin with.