Just a reminder to be civil...

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I really try to keep room for a lot of give and take in these forums.
Things get said in the heat of discussion.
Things that aren't necessarily brute force insults, but stuff that is still not the best intentioned.

So I'm just taking some time to remind folks to try and be civil.
Sometimes when there is room left for a lot of give and take, folks become careless and it becomes a habit to pass beyond civility.

If folks were banned for some of this non-bruteforce type heated discussion, there may only be two people left agreeing with each other on how beautiful cumulus clouds are in the sunset.

So since I'm trying to leave room for give and take, and since sometimes folks forget about being civil, I have posted this thread as a reminder and exhortation.

This thread will be closed, because inevitably, on a website filled with 1000s of opinions, someone will find some shade of nuance wrong with what I said, and then go on to post said opinion, which leads to an endless back and forth, for which I don't have time.

Hopefully this can serve as a reminder and correction for those who have forgotten.
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Jan 15, 2011
Even though Stilly is no longer with us, civility is still a requirement.

I'm sure that most of you, like myself, remember hearing "don't make me come in there" hollered across the house by our parents when things with our siblings would begin to be out of hand.

This is that

Don't make me come in there


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