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Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
The trophy quest, lol, is what motivated me to post here. It said post anywhere to get a trophy, lol. So I had to see what this is all about, lol. Since I am here, I think that I will rant just a bit...

I actually appreciate the debates in the room, ones that are constructive and ones that reach a point of closure before character assassinations and heated emotions take hold. I do wish though that folks would listen to one another and address what the other has said as a rebuttal rather than just repeat their same point. That there frustrates me a bit, lol. Also, I appreciate when those who have a greater knowledge of a topic would slow down and take it step by step with us listeners, catch us up to speed, humor us a bit, teach us; it would so help me to appreciate those debates that really get into the text, especially that of Revelations and Daniel. You know, the eschatology and prophesy stuff? I think this site can inspire a great desire to get deeper into the word and can provide great tools but again, only confuse if you don't help a sister out who isn't quite where you are, not yet, anyway,s lol. Soon though, I will be able to banter with the best of ya, lolol, jk.

Love ya all and God Bless, and let us always remember Mercy and Love do, the are action words.


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2013
I do not mind the heated debates....the only things I cannot stand...

a. Saying or implying I said something I did not say
b. Embellishing what I have said
c. Flat changing what I have said
d. Those who devalue the work, power and promises of Christ
e. Those who cast doubt on the validity of the word of God and or imply that things have been added when it disagrees with their erroneous conclusions.....
f. etc....

WE all believe what we believe and will defend it or stand tooth and nail debating it.....one thing I have noticed with humanity on a whole....very few have the integrity to admit error......it goes all the way back to the garden and human nature....

Adam---->the woman you gave me
Eve--->it is the serpent's fault he tricked me


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2017
The trophy quest, lol, is what motivated me to post here. It said post anywhere to get a trophy, lol.
Well since you are on a trophy quest you received another one. Now back to business.:cool: