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Mar 18, 2021
There is a great deal of talk about revival. Many are claiming that there will be a last days harvest. I wish I could be as confident as many others are.

Recently, I've had a look at the Welsh revival of the early 1900's. A young man named Evan Roberts was the leader. He was not the only one involved. Many Christians were concerned about spiritual state of the church in Wales. It was dead, sound doctrine perhaps, but without any life. Prayer groups began to seek the Lord for revival. God answered in a spectacular way, with 100,000 conversions in the first year. That does include those who were church members but not saved. At least one ordained minister was born again during the revival.

I wondered why this incredible revival fizzled out after a couple of years. Evan Roberts wore himself out by not sleeping and not taking any break from the work. Meetings revolved around praise and worship and personal testimonies. There was a great deal of emotion, but little teaching. Sound familiar?

"Worship" has replaced sound teaching in a lot of churches today. If the songs had any spiritual content, it would be different. Mostly we endure rock music with a few "God words" thrown in. Modern songs are so banal that many have taken to adding a rock arrangement to old hymns.

We do not need revival, we need restoration to truth and life as the foundation of the church. Truth and life are not "things". Lord Jesus is Truth and Life. if we will get back to basics, we will have the opportunity to grow. Revival will then be on a godly basis and genuine, not the fake that I fear is coming to deceive again.

If I had to use one word to describe modern denominational Christianity it would be "Ichabod". The glory has departed. Lord Jesus has not forsaken His church. His church has forsaken Him. Some years ago, I attended a very large (by Aussie standards) Baptist church. The name of Jesus was mentioned once in the first 40 minutes and that was in the children's talk. Excuse me! We meet in Jesus' name and He is there with us! How can we not acknowledge Him? If we invited a President or a Prime Minister to a meeting, would we not at least acknowledge that he was there? Even if it was "thanks for coming"? We seem to forget that it's Jesus' church.

Hand waving and hand clapping to feel good music is not worship. We should worship God in spirit and in truth. Repeating a few God words to music is not worship and it's not truth. It is surely not spirit either.

I have my doubts that denominational Christianity can change now. I am more of the view that revival will start in the hearts of the few that are convicted of their own shortcomings. When I complained to the Lord about these things, He said to me, "I have 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal". So there are many who have not been caught up in what I call "Christianism". They are the invisible, unappreciated, often rejected believers who will not conform to the status quo.

I do a bit of street witnessing every now and again. I've met a surprising (to me) number of people who used to attend meetings. Many confess Christ still, but they are not able to stomach the religious hypocrisy of the churches they used to attend. It's tragic, because we need fellowship with one another. I am convinced that Lord Jesus is building His church and the gates of hell will crumble before her. I just hope that I live to see that day.