Salvation in a Nutshell

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Senior Member
Apr 27, 2017
There are three aspects to salvation (three phases). 1) You are saved 2) You are being saved 3) You will be saved. There are multiple verses in the bible talking about all three aspects, and usually arguments begin between believers when one camp quotes one of the verses and the other camp refutes with other verses. But the bible, in reality is in perfect harmony. Just as there are three phases in salvation, namely Justification, Sanctification and Glorification - Each person of the Godhead is key to each of the three phases. The first phase (Justification) is through Jesus Christ. Justification is that when we were still sinners, Christ died for us and by His blood, PEACE was made between God the Father and mankind. There is no salvation by any other means than coming through the DOOR (Jesus Christ alone). No works could obtain you justification. Impossible for your to be "good enough" to earn God's favour. Just one sin would mean the death penalty over your head. NOW ---- once you enter through the door (or narrow gate), we move on to Sanctification. This is the BEING SAVED element. The presence of the Holy Spirit comes into you and begins to lead you BY THE SPIRIT. This is a process, where the believer is changed by the renewing of their mind, to become more Christlike. You still have a spiritual battle between the Flesh and the Spirit, but we are given God's GRACE (power) to put to death the misdeeds of the body. These are DAILY decisions made in the SOUL (mind and heart) as to whether you are led by the Spirit or live according to the Flesh. The bible says that if you wilfully choose to live according to the flesh you will die. By this it means that you trample the Grace of God underfoot, and reject the blood of the covenant by which you are sanctified. Does this mean that any SLIP-UP is immediately punished? No, but God requires your repentance when you do. No getting around this. Not a superficial repentance but a sincere one. If you live according to these principles you very much are in the sanctification process. There are however warnings - if you will not repent, this leads you down the road to Apostasy (loss of faith), and from this point there is no return. No more sacrifice remains. That's why it is super crucial to cling to the Faith. The last part of the salvation process is Glorification. This part is done by God the Father. He gives us new bodies in the resurrection. The bible says, "to those who OVERCOME" He will give to eat from the Tree of Life. The only ones who can overcome are those who participate in the process of being led by the Spirit (for this is Gods power at work). None of this can be achieved in human strength. Yet it requires obedience and yielding to God. ---- now I will post only one scripture (but you know from what I wrote above that it is ALL scriptural)…….Romans 5v1,2 5 Therefore, having been justified by faith, [a]we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.
All of this can be found in just these two verses I posted.


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2014
There are 3 tenses to salvation:

1. We have been saved from the PENALTY of sin (justification)

2. We are being saved from the POWER of sin (ongoing sanctification)

3. We will be saved from the PRESENCE of sin (glorification)