The church.......Enter the gates with praise and Thanksgiving.

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Senior Member
Aug 13, 2015
A young man enters the church looking forward to the message. His eyes glancing around the others he starts greeting those near him. With his Bible tightly gripped in his hand he takes a seat and silently starts praying for the Lord to bless all that enter.

A family enters in, the parents perplexed as they take their seat about the news of their young daughter pregnancy.
There thoughts overshadow what is around them they stare at the floor consumed in turmoil.

A couple coming in troubled by there recent financial set back paste a smile on there face not to let on the stress there going through.

A man enters in. Still buzzed by the night before drinking. Making it the 10th time to ask forgiveness for hitting his wife takes a seat with his head hung low. His wife absent due to the bruising on her face and body.

A family very well known for their helps ministry enter in with the thought of how they were going to set up the church picnic, how they were going to serve the food, how they would set up the tables. How they would cook the food.
They take their seat in discussion.

A young couple enter in very versed in scripture take a seat pointing at the things that should not be such as the underdressed others, the shortness of dresses, the pictures and such on the walls. Whispering in each other's ears.

Another couple desperate for help sit quietly in anticipation for the sermon to give some sort of answer to there troubles.

Suddenly singing is heard throughout the sanctuary. Loud and bold. Causing silence to fill the room.
Joy and adoration are heard in the song that beautiful Expressed.
A young man enters in with his head held high. His eyes fixed on the alter he walks straight down the center.
His clothes are ripped and torn. Blood soaked to the point of drenched.
His hands and feet having gaping gashes and his side cut open.
His body trembling from what appears to be trauma as sweat profusely pours down his face.
His back resembling raw meat that has been severed by a axe exposing his spine.
With him the smell of what can only be explained as death reaching the nostrils of all gathered.
He continues to walk straight up to the alter, hands lifted high, eyes sparkling in joy. A smile from ear to ear still singing his praise.
With tears of joy and laughter he cries out in a loud thunderous voice

It is finished.

Saints don't let Satan rob you of the joy that fellowship can bring. That communion can offer, that hope can usher in.
Each one of us are made of light that may be for someone who sets in darkness. This world is not perfect, the church is not perfect, but neither are we. Good news is we by the grace of God have meant the perfect one. Share that testimony with others. Preach the good news. Seek the Lord while he might be found for the day is coming when no hope is found.
Jesus pointed out that our weakest link is prayer. So I ask you to pray for me as I will pray for you and the church that we will rise to the occasion of what the Lord has in store for us.

Forsake not the assembling of ourselves.


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2016
This post truly gives us ways to search ourselves. It is too personal to share here, but I wonder what is the reason most of us have for going to church.