The Lord comes quickly

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Dec 22, 2009
I will come and take you unto Myself. The earth will shake and rumble for the multitude of sins it has borne. I will come unto you in visions, and dreams, and words of speech, and My servants, and My people, and by all that is in the world. The creation is Mine, so open our eyes and open your ears that you may see and hear Me. My lovingkindness is forever, and I desire for you to come to Me.

My children, I love you and care for you always. I am with you in the good times and I am with you in the bad times. Diligently seek My face so that we may know each other and have fellowship one with another. My love for you is greater than all of creation. All that I demand is that you be holy with My holiness, and that you be righteous with My righteousness in Me. I hold out My hand to you all day ling. Come to Me and be My children indeed and do not be afraid, for I love you.

I have called you out from among the nations and I desire for you to be different from them, I have called you out and set you apart, to be a witness unto Me, not unto the world, for the world passes away, but I am forever! Humble yourself before Me, and come to Me, and I will take you in My arms as a mother does with her children. I will nourish you and grow you into a mighty people, then the world will see you and know that I AM.

I would have many more children and the time is short because of the evil hearts of man. I will not delay much longer, therefore, you must become My witnesses as never before. Hold yourselves in readiness, for I will come. Do not reject Me or My servants when I come among you because of the foolishness of your understanding. When I come, you will know Me, and understanding will have no place, nor be found among you, for you will "know Me!" Believe, and all things are possible. Have faith, and you shall stand. Love one another and hold fast to each other. I have made you to depend on each other for My glory, not for yours.

When you love each other, you bring great pleasure to Me. Jump into the river of Life, abandon yourselves to Me, and flow with My Spirit. Leave behind foolish and childish things, and I will be your Teacher. You can truth Me, for I have never failed and will never fail. What I have thought to accomplish, that I will accomplish. Hold fast and fear not, for I love you.