We need the seal of God to make it through the plagues

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Senior Member
Oct 8, 2013
Those who will survive the plagues have to be be sealed by God.

immovable in the truth

completely knowledgeable in the word of God

experts in the two edged sword.
love of studying the word of God
love to read it
love is the seal

love to be with Jesus
love to do whatever the general says

good troops hear and obey the general without wanting to know whyor all the details

the troops who invaded iwo-Jima did not stay in the Landing craft until the general himself came down and explained the reasoning why they had to go there.
we would have lost the war

and if christians have to understand everything before they do it
they will be paralyzed and loose the war also

and certainly if they have captains and park their landing craft on a little island saying
"we know we will win the war so well just wait here out of danger and do nothing, We dont have to do anything the general will do it all"

afer the war they will be punished as traitors just like those traitors who tell us we dont have to repent
becaue Jesus did it all, and we dont have to do anything and if we do anything good well go to hell...

no way no absolute way.

there is a YOKE of christ we pull and he carries the power

we need two things


half the gospel you wont get through the plagues

the whole gaspel you will go through the plagues

Rev 14:12 Here is the endurance of the saints:
here are they that keep the commandments of God, sanctification
and the faith of Jesus. Justification

without the sanctification you wont have the endurance
and the enemy knows it

so he says kick back
you have it made
your going to heaven no matter what you do

you wont survive through the plagues you will give up without the endurance of the saints
he knows it
dont fall for it.