who is righteous enough or understands enough to seek after God

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Senior Member
May 29, 2014
Romans 3:10 There is NONE righteous no not one
Romans 3:11 There is none that understands there is none that seek after God

If this is true how then does a man seek after God?
The answer is simple...... God choses his people and Thank God he does
Be so very thankful if he called and chose you thru his Son Jesus Christ the Lord

Give all honor and glory to him. Not unto us O lord not unto us O Lord but unto thy name give glory for thy mercy and for thy truths sake.

Thank God for his love of his people I rejoice in and give thanks to him Jesus Christ the Lord and hope you also can do this thru him!!


Senior Member
May 17, 2013
God has concluded all in unbelief that He might have mercy upon all.

For the cause of Christ
Mar 14, 2011
No one

Thats why god must come to you. And help you see the truth,, Your salvation depends on how you respond to that calling.


Senior Member
Sep 4, 2013
Gonna go out on a limb here and say you kinda follow Calvin's teachings? What with you being saved before the world began and all............