Disabilities and Jesus Christ

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Active member
Nov 28, 2018
This morning I was going for a walk I’ve started to do most mornings and I was sitting down having a takeaway coffee in the middle of the city outside.

There was this woman who was severely disabled asking for money for her stem cell research. Body completely twisted in a remote wheelchair.

I only had some loose change on me and I’m homeless living off the grid but I gave her a couple of dollars and shared with her that there’s a God who loves her and his name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus loves disabled people, the really frail and vulnerable people, and the homeless, sick and chronically diseased.
In actual fact God can’t wait to return here to earth and give all those who love him new Eternal bodies and minds that will never perish. He lingers for the sake of people coming to know him and repentance.

If you see a homeless person or disabled person on the street, go and say hello. Some are good willed and mean well like this woman.
Some also are not and they need love to... this picture is of a man I found off the internet who is disabled and homeless from when the picture was taken as an example.

May our good deeds shine before you lord so you are glorified in Jesus name!



New member
Jan 11, 2019
Amen. I'm disabled. God has been so good to me. He has used it in my life to bring me closer to Him.


Sinner saved by grace
May 29, 2018
lawton ok
Disabled does not mean unabled. Mine helps me remain humble and rely more upon God than on my own abilities. In a way mine are blessings. I don't feel cheated or less than those who can walk or remember better. I often laugh at mine because in know they are inconsequential over all and I will be restored when I go home to him after this temporary life is over thank God.