Where is worse: inside or outside the house?

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Feb 7, 2017
Where is worse: inside or outside the house?

  • “Behold, O Jehovah, for I am in trouble; my inward parts ferment; my heart is turned within me, for I have grievously rebelled. On the outside the sword bereaves; in the house it is as death.” (Lamentations 1.20).

Many people aren’t able to find peace when they go outside. They hate to have to work and curse the outset of the week in virtue of having to work. Nevertheless, they are even not a little tad amped in having to come back at home, because they well know the atmosphere fraught of hatred, feud and resentment that they will find. See what a terrible prospect!

Certainly, the day would look like iridescent if the person went to work in a thing that he likes very much, in the company of people that he loves and, mainly, in what Jesus ordained to him.

But, for this, husband, wife and children ought to focus on the work that Jesus provide for them:

  • “and that you try earnestly to be quiet and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, so that you may walk becomingly toward those outside, and that you may lack nothing.” (1Thessalonians 4.11,12).

I know that it is very difficult to many people to have their own business. Notwithstanding, Jesus has the key of David: He opens and no one shuts; and He shuts and no one opens (Revelation 3.7). If we really long for being delightful to Him, He supply us in a supernatural way.

Therefore, let us not accept that our desires limit Jesus and His good, pleasant and perfect will. (Romans 12.2). Let’s give in to His word, even if it sounds like heavy (see 1John 5.3). When you take hold of the power that Jesus conquered to you, this burden will feel like nothing (Matthew 11.28-30). What looked to be an unsurmountable mountain, will appear to be a picayune thing (Habakkuk 3.19).

So, you don’t need to strength to fulfill the word of the Creator (who tried to do this brought one hot potato about his generation – see Genesis 16.3). Surrender to Jesus and let Him fulfill His word in you (see Luke 1.38) and have a shine day. Trust on Him (John 6.29) and He will do everything (Psalms 37.5,6).