can you guys post something funny please?

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Senior Member
Dec 8, 2014
:oops: My apologies if I'm off on this:
Are you quoting this to @Elshya
are you saying she is your wife?
See, if you were in different locations I'd go with the first.
BUT, since you are both in Ireland one cannot help but wonder :unsure:
Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him??? Lol


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2017
Because we very recently lost our beloved pet I want to respond with :(
but seeing as how this is a funny thread I am left going

(I know there is a joke in there somewhere/somehow- probably somehow related to Elvis and/or his music)
Sorry if that upset you.


Senior Member
Dec 16, 2016
I like the way they look at you as they wonder what you are doing in their house.....:):unsure:(y):coffee::giggle: