can you guys post something funny please?

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Which Bible character was the best musician? Samson—he brought the house down.


Please stop screaming or grabbing the dash every time I run off the road. It makes me nervous!
Oct 10, 2021
I deal with a stressful person everyday at my house and I really hope you guys can share some funny stuff please? Thanks
My mom social worker called me and she was taking a number 2... How hilarious and unprofessional😂😂.. Did that humor make your day


Honor, Courage, Commitment
Jun 25, 2017
Little Johnny And The Old Proverb
Little Johnny Jokes
Submitted by iqannnylirod

"Don't be afraid of the dog," said the lady to Little Johnny, who was delivering her groceries.

"You know the old proverb, 'A barking dog never bites?'"

"Yes," replied Little Johnny. "You know the proverb. I know the proverb. But does your dog know the proverb?"




Well-known member
Oct 27, 2020
there is a kids book series titled Who Is (name of person)/ What Was (name of place/event),
so that's where the pic comes in:

And I'm guessing "story of my life" is a joke referring to what you posted:

As though TheLearner was saying the joke in the download pic is the story of his life.

Yep ......NOW I get
Jun 12, 2021
I deal with a stressful person everyday at my house and I really hope you guys can share some funny stuff please? Thanks
I'll give the true gospel instead.

Freedom from sin=True gospel=After God gave me the Holy Spirit, I found proof that TV, movies, novels, music, video games and computer games are all sins, except Christian stuff that don’t have sins like sermons and Christian music words that gives messages. I found out that in them there is lying, stealing, adultery (Matthew 5:28 looking at someone with lust is adultery), fornication which is sex before marriage, revenge, murder, jealousy, pride=self-pity, hypocrisy, using God’s name in vain as a curse word, they are all idols (breaks 2nd Commandment) because most people can’t live without them and they love them more than God and more. Just read the 10 commandments for a list.

link below to continue.