Dont let anger break me please

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Junior Member
Jul 26, 2017
So awhile back i posted about my grandkids father starting a new family and leaving the kids he lives with. well today is usually the day he spends with his kids but he never came home because this morning he called to tell me he was at hospital with his girlfriend she was having the baby now and if i could be the one to tell his kids about her and that he was having a baby, first off I guess I shouldn't be surprised he didn't have the balls to do it himself but he acts so high and mighty and like he's tough but couldn't tell his kids the truth. he had texted one of them to ask about a game on his phone but couldn't step up and do the right thing. I'm hurt and his kids will now see what they really mean to him, I hate that part, my daughter also is hurt. I don't feel he was right to go off and start another family when he still hadn't done right by the family he already had. But he's happy and his words where "if God didn't want him to leave his kids and start a new family he would have never let it happen". I don't know how I feel about that.


Senior Member
Apr 19, 2011
He's just self absorbed, that's all. And not that uncommon. I have a close friend who was cheated on all throughout her marriage. Husband was always gone. Now they're divorced and guess who's barely around to be a father. He texts or calls every few months. Maybe takes the kids a few hours every few months, after breaking multiple promises to the kids. Rest of the time he's off with his new gf.
It is infuriating. But there's also nothing to be done. He does have that freedom.
And if he believes that crap he said it shows you how far he is from God to begin with.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
good point, Ug,

but he does not have any 'freedom', only demonic 'bondage', that he and he alone
will have to deal with, unless he turns his life and priorities over to Jesus Christ...


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
The guy is a cruel, insensitive, idiotic horse's jack donkey.... :/


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2016
There will be a lesson in this for this man someday.. It may take a while but karma will catch up to him.... God may have allowed this other woman to have a child with him however that does not mean that God will not punish him in some way later on for his actions... I always say Karma is a bit%$