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There are friends for a season and friends who God puts in your path for life. Those who we connect with in the spirit of God and who show maturity, love and compassion, those who are givers and not just takers are often those friends that God will bless you with for life. Friendship takes time to test and is a process. Trust and love will stand the test of time. I love this quote from the word of today UCB “God calls us to be friendly with everyone but not everyone is called to be your friend.” I have learned this lesson the hard way.

Also sometimes God will remove people from your life to teach you to pick the right friends, or to simply teach you to rely on Him and not others. Try not to take this as a personal rejection but bring all things before Jesus who knows what is best for you. If they’re true friends in Christ; they will stand the test of time.

There have been times I have felt lonely, longing for deeper more intimate friendships. This has pushed me within the flesh to rush into friendships where I have felt controlled, used and disappointed. It pays to take things slowly and let God be the centre of our relational development. I pray He Guards our hearts and reveals the true nature of godly relationships to us all- in Jesus name amen.


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Feb 28, 2016
yes, we agree that 'some' (true-friends) will stand the 'test of time', but they are mostly
like we once were, carnal/ungodly and are still coming out of this curse, one day at a time',
Lord willing - yes, we can 'see' that He is calling them OUT, of the curse of this world,
there are many signs and wonders attached to this, miracles really, you just have to have
eyes to see and ears to hear'...
sometimes, who we think are our right friends suddenly become our wrong friends,:(
sometimes, who we think are our wrong friends, end-up being our 'best-friends'...:D

'God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;'

the most important lessons in our life come from Jesus showing us our mistakes, and us Loving Him
enough to have the desire to 'obey and please' Him, 'put Him FIRST" -'deny=SELF=ies!?!?!?"
abide in His endless Grace'...

He gives us the assurance that He will teach us how to 'over-come', holding our hands, every step
of His way, and that He will guide us on the journey that He has paved for us; through all of our
mis-takes, as long as our 'hearts remain LOYAL to Him', through our tribulations and trials,
'after being blessed by enlightenment'!!!... "CONVERSION'..."EXTRACTION"...
most already know that HE will Never take 'second place' in ANY situation'!!! but, of course,
we all must desire to care enough to learn where our Saviour 'draws-His-Lines'...

satan has become such a master-of-imitation', that today's 'net-babies', are the ones
being 'sacrificed'...

PRO. 15:8.
The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to The LORD: but the prayer of the upright is His delight.

He evidently has hope in us, else why would He even give 'us', such an un-understandable chance to be a member.
of His Holy Family?!?!?!.

may those whom He has called, chosen, and elected, never 'dis-honor' His Holy Name, after their
calling, pulling, tugging, delivering, out of satan's-perverted-world...
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Oct 7, 2017
Yes, I agree with you. That was well written.