Healing for my family

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My parents are both pastors, I have 3 siblings and we attended their church. To cut a long story short, my younger brother was ordained in our church 8 years ago and was to carry on the ministry as my parents are retiring next year. As it is my brother has since followed a different doctrine and has now moved on and started his own ministry, which is ok but. As he moved out of the ministry into his own, he and a few of his followers and leaders of the church attacked my father and mother with words not physically. Saying that the word that they have always shared was excuse my words crap! saying they were liars and preaching a load of rubbish. It was hard for me to sit there and listen to these people and my brother attack my parents and see my parents having to stick up for themselves and there faith. I felt like I could have done something to stop them but I didnt know what to do. My mother was so distraught and traumatized by this that this same night she ended up in hospital, with a bleed in her brain. My father was so angry at them and when my mother came out of hospital they still attended the church and my brother asked them for the church so he can continue his ministry and they said no.. This situation has put a strain on the whole family and restoration is hard as my brother still believes he is right, my parents are still leaving the ministry but moving to another country, and we all need prayer.


Senior Member
Dec 13, 2013
Praying for your situation. All things work out for them that love jesus..


Senior Member
Aug 12, 2011
It sounds like your brother doesn't know how to disagree respectfully. I will definitely pray. :(


Junior Member
Feb 22, 2014
Satan loves to destroy families. Please pray! Pray as much as you can to help with your situation. Only prayers and God can change a person's heart. I believe you guys are in a dangerous situation, so please pray hard!


Senior Member
Jan 24, 2011
Your brother is immature. Not knowing the doctrinal dispute, I cannot weigh in on who is right or wrong.

But this disrespect your brother shows your parents tells me he is dishonoring the 4th commandment. Tell him he may not have a long life, if he keeps this up.

So sorry for your family - praying for reconciliation.