Hi I'm new and need help

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May 14, 2017
Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and I am Christian and I need some help.

I have been going through testing times the last few years and feel lost even when I read the word or pray. Don't get me wrong it has not been all doom and gloom, there has been good times as well. But the bad have out weighed the good times by a long shot. Im always anxious and feeling low. I'm currently seeing a psychologist for all of this and at times I seem to progress but then I regress.

I think this may of started the last few years when I started a new job (still in the same company but different role but hate it) and it intensified when I was born again christian.

I work in sales and all I hear about is targets, targets and targets which I don't like and its a struggle for me. I keep dreaming about a career change. Lately I seem to have brain fog. This has now scared me and has made me doubt I can change careers and learn new things. I worry about how I am going to pay the bills if I leave.

My mind is so over active. I try to let it all go and leave it to God as I have read thats how peoples lifes have changed, but I can't. As soon as I try this the anxiety, the depression starts creeping into my mind again then it starts all over again. Its a constant struggle. If anyone can help me wth tips/advice on how to manage all of this and be at peace with all of this I would be ever so grateful.

God bless


Senior Member
May 16, 2014
My mind used to be like that too and i used to have the same issue with anxiety... what worked for me was when i started just speaking Gods truths over the lies of circumstance and choosing to only receive truth of what is to come, what will be and what is according to Gods word, rather than accepting the what if's and the undecidedness the future seems to hold from my own perspective.... we are told to be transformed by the renewing of our minds Romans 12:2, and not to conform to the world. You have to come to a place where God's truth is above your mind, because if it isn't your mind will generate its own obstacles based on what you see and go through in the world
Romans 8.7 talks about the carnal mind being at enmity with God, and how it doesn't want to submit, but when you think about it deeply you realize that your own mind is at enmity with you too... so at times like this by default you have to agree with God, or suffer the consequence and those are anxiety, depression and various other mental issues a person can have that are not of God... practice renewing your mind to God's words above your circumstances. Renewing the mind is simply agreeing with God above everything, putting His word above and everything else below.


Junior Member
Mar 2, 2017
For me, the way I struggle and try to manage the fear and anxiety that try to wash over me from time to time is to be really grounded in the Word. One way I do that is to spend time each morning reading and reflecting and praying and sometimes I also journal. Many times I find passages or words of encouragement I may need for the day and I write them down and keep them ever before me on my desk, so as my mind starts to wonder, I can quickly look back where I want my thoughts to be and it helps me remember I can also pray silently at any time and the Lord is there and with me and ready to help me. I pray you'll find your method to help chase away the demons and know you are not alone and we all struggle with this. I do know the closer to the Lord we try to get the more Satan turns up the heat. Hugs and prayers from Texas ; )
Dec 23, 2012

this song is for you bro, hang on in there