How do we withstand Loneliness?

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Junior Member
Dec 14, 2012
Loneliness is a challenge someone of us face daily, especially single parents, single men and womeb. How can we overcome loneliness?


Senior Member
Nov 28, 2014
We have a best friend who is Jesus. We are never alone


Senior Member
Apr 18, 2017
On purpose, be thankful. Set a timer for 3 minutes and do nothing else but think of ONLY things you are thankful for. Stay focused. Don't let your mind wander off.

Speak them out loud and give thanks to God. It's really quite fun, after a while! Enjoy! :D(y)


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
often Christ asks us to separate ourselves in order to be ONE with Him, if you are mature enough
to do this, then you have definitely taken yet another 'step-up' His Heavenly Ladder...


Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
Loneliness is a challenge someone of us face daily, especially single parents, single men and womeb. How can we overcome loneliness?
For me I have a few favorite shows I watch and also some on TBN or other Christian TV stations. I have an on-line church, a black Pastor Bill Winston, who deals with many issues in his Chicago area and re everyday challenges they face. I go to a Bible study and volunteering stuff. And you have us here at CC, God bless!
Dec 15, 2018
I think this challenge is the biggest almost anyone can face in life.......We have a desire to not be alone but have yet to see the promise........Out of all life's virtues, I believe patience is #1.......We live in such a fast paced world that waiting for anything seems to be too much effort.
I believe that there is someone who is right just for you....Constantly trying to control your feeling of loneliness on your own, can result in the lack of faith required to see who is just right for you.


New member
Dec 2, 2018
I've felt lonely alot in my life. Even at times now in a marriage. When you think about it every day is the same. It's a rut. Work eat sleep repeat every day. No friends. All you can do is know that Jesus is there with you so then you could think about your reward in heaven.


Well-known member
Oct 9, 2018
Get a hobby. People with solid hobbies make friends, people with friends aren't obsessed with their loneliness. Besides;
Unless you have interests out side of trying to get a woman there is no reason for a woman to be interested in you.


Active member
Oct 19, 2018
I find that keeping busy, gets rid of loneliness…...I put 'station's ' in different parts of the house.... one is for bible study.....I go there and do bible study or just read my bible,......later go to one that has crocheting I am doing at the moment for relaxing....another is for drawing, all drawing aids in one place makes it easier....writing and editing my novel is another station, and just writing for fun. …… reading is another station, I love a good book.


Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
There are seasons of loneliness, single or not. I understand that. I think we all do. Sometimes we need connection with others. I think God has given us one another to help with that. I know that Im talking beyond just romantic connections because I think loneliness can speak loudest to me when I am not seeking His fellowship enough, not because of my relationship status.

I will say as a single mimi/mama, I understand having to face moments of ache due to periods of isolation or loneliness. Moments where I feel all alone. I believe, though, that the ache you feel in the corridors of your heart and mind, can ONLY truly be filled, comforted and soothed by Him. I say that, but sometimes I get away from where I need to be, at His feet. However, He, Praise His Holy Name, is so faithful to His people that He loves us enough to get us back in fellowship with Him, first and foremost. I know though that it isn't easy. I pray He fills your cup, because He is our portion.