in need of support

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Jan 19, 2021
Hello everybody, i cant quite believe im about to say this but i think im an alcoholic. I know the Lord doesn't encourage drinking but i turned to it when things got rough and developed a dependance. I am too ashamed to seek help in person at the moment and was wondering if anyone has faced anything similar and/or has any good advice as to what to do.


Senior Member
May 3, 2017
I was once a drinker , not every day drinker , but when I drank I could not stop ...
When I got saved , I was still drinking , but God was working on me...
My drinking bouts became longer and longer between each other , but I must admit , the struggle was hard...

I read about drinking in the Proverbs , I believe that is where God led me , I can now say after a full year , I have not drank , I only take the wine at our Lords supper...

Take one day at a time , do not give up , let God do what He knows best...
I will pray for you right now...


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Hello B+BB :) You may find this thread (<- link) helpful :)

There is no shame in seeking help for what ails you.
Many have walked the same path and been delivered :D
I was such a one... my life began to change (for the better)
when I finally cried out to God for help. My progress was
slow but steady, as I was not a believer at the time, but
God is good! And He keeps His promises :)


Well-known member
Nov 22, 2019
You are on the right path - you want to quit drinking. Try and find the root cause of what is causing you to drink. Is it sadness over an issue? Addressing the root cause should help. There is no shame in seeking help. My dad had alcohol issues where he would drink heavily for a few months then stop for a few months then drink etc., usually triggered by holidays that spanned during my entire childhood (then I left for college). He vowed to stop drinking once moving to the new house and he hasn't for a few years. I don't think he will drink again, he has no interest and as he is getting older he is more conscious of his health.


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Feb 9, 2019
"Thank you for sharing! A friend may be closer than you realize. You have made the first step,
reaching out for help. Over two decades ago, I needed help, and by the grace of God, my life was
forever changed. My advise is get help, ASAP. Hopefully through a good sponsor and a program
that will assist in encouragement and show you how others have overcome this malady.
I have shared many things on this site, that hopefully may be of encouragement for you, and I
am only a click away. And Magenta gave you a good link to check out!

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Jan 19, 2021
Thanks for the advice everyone, i appreciate it. I think i will try to find a program to join as well as trusting in God and praying. I know He will guide me through and i will be delivered into salvation if i place my faith in Him.


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Dec 29, 2019
St. Louis
Praying that God delivers you speedily. I would suggest you seek professional and spiritual guidance.


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Dec 15, 2018
Jesus is the one you turn to who takes away your shame.
Reach out to Him.

did you know Jesus was offered alcohol on the cross to deal with the pain of crucifixtion, but amazingly He refused it and went through the pain. Anybody else probably would have taken it and gotten drunk. He totally understands that pain.

So if anybody knows what pain is, its Jesus.


New member
Apr 24, 2021
Alholics anon is a Christian based group
youd get support there and be amongst non judgemental friends
that understand the walk and can provide emoshonal suport to help you break free
pray, talk to Jesus,
no that everyone is broken we are human we make mistakes we fall down but it is the Lord that
draws us back, his Holy Spirit guided you into speaking of your pain thats a great first step you reached out
you know that there is something that needs addressing
you can do this, best to do it in a group suronded by others that care
you have faith else you wouldnt have posted it will sustain you
whats underneath the addiction that led you to addiction?
is it lonelyness, anger, sadness, grief theres something there that needs talkin about
seek scripture that is encouraging seek those that encourag and not condemn
ring Alcholic anon and start the way back surrounded by suported frends
and continu to post here the journe there is so much suport here to


I commend you for recognizing your problem. And I trust you will do the appropriate thing, which, in my opinion, is to lean on Jesus. Lean Baby Lean! He will pull you back if you let him!

Also, I do not recommend you take this problem to church. Until the church recognizes gossiping is as bad a problem, if not worse (and in my mind it is) than drinking. The Al Anon group sounds wonderful!