Ten Thousand Starfishes

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One early morning, after a fierce storm a man
decided to take his morning walk on the beach. He was horrified when he saw, 10 thousands starfish had been washed up on the beach by the winds and waves. The man became sad because he knew all those star fishes were going to die. Feeling helpless he sat on the sand while holding his head down. He then heard a sound, and lifted up his head. There in the distance he saw a man bending down and standing up, bending down and standing up. He was curious and walked toward him. He notice as he got closer that this man was picking up the starfish, one at a time and throwing them back into the sea. He asked the man, what are you doing? And the man said saving the starfish. He then said, but don’t you see there are ten thousand of them, theirs nothing you can do that will make a difference. He did not answer him back, instead he bend down, picked up another starfish, and cast it back into the water. Then he smiled, looked him in the eye, and said, it made a difference to that One!!


Senior Member
Jan 27, 2010
I love this story. I heard it before at my old church. I think a guy named ernie larson wrote it.


Senior Member
Jun 12, 2012
I love this too. Always warms my heart to hear it.