The Heart of Gods Warrior

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He's Bold One, Bolder than Any Lion, He's Fearless in His Walk And Fearless in His Talk! He Wears The Amour only fit for A... War-riors Man! War-riors Man!

He's A Warrior! In the mightiest Army of all! He has a Helmet of Salvation! A Buckle of Truth! A Breastplate of Righteousness! A Shield of Faith! and The Sword of The Spirit! He's Strong in His Creator and in His Mighty Power!

He knows His struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers and authorities of all the powers of this dark world! and against the spiritual forces of evil in The Heavenly Realms!

He's Warrior! Gods Warrior Man! He has the full armor of God on now! And He won't back down now! He takes The stand against the devil's schemes now! And with His feet fitted in readiness, When that day of evil comes, When all He can do stand His ground, When He has done everything to stand. He will Stand firm! He will Stand Strong!

He's Gods Warrior! Gods Mighty Warrior Man Now! When He opens His Mouth to Speak, Mighty Words are given to Him to Say, He makes the mysteries of the gospel known Fearlessly! Fearlessly!

He's Warrior! Gods Warrior Man Now! Fearless in the Walk and Fearless in the Talk! He's Warrior! God Mighty Warrior Man Now! He goes by The Word He Reads and puts it to use now, Mountain be Thou moved! Get Behind satan Now! Under My Feet Now! In Christs Name Now! In Christs Name Now!

He's A Warrior! God's Mighty Warrior Man Now! A Mighty Warrior of God Now! Fearless in the Walk and Fearless in the Talk! He's A Warrior! God's Mighty Warrior Man Now! Fearless in His Walk and Fearless in His Talk! He's A Warrior! God's Mighty Warrior Man Now! He's Fearless in Gods Walk and Fearless to Talk HIS Talk! Fearless to Talk HIS Talk!


Reads very well Angel Armies thanks for sharing it!