What is it with the pushing?

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Hey all,

I live in the bible belt of TN, and when I first moved here, it seems like everyone was pressuring me into believing and accepting God and Jesus into my soul. I would be put down for not believing in him, and it made me want to believe in their existence even less. Why would followers of Christianity be so judgmental of a person and put them down all the time for not believing? Anytime I would carry out a mistake in a situation, some one would say, "Satan made you do that," or "it's because you don't believe in God." How can you base life situations off of statements like those. And when I would not want to go to church they wouldn't leave me alone about going. It was very frustrating, but most people seem to care...Sometimes you just gotta give a person their space and let them find things out on their own. Which leads me to another subject...if Christianity is a religion based off of Faith, why does no one ever say, "Hey, we might just be wrong about all of this."? Faith is not fact, and I wish that people would understand that and be more open minded about other philosophies on life in this world. No offense, but give people their space and let them know that they should search for what they believe is right. That is why God gave them "Free will," right?


Many christians can be quite pushy i agree.Beating anyone over the head with the bible or dragging them to church is usually counterproductive BUTsharing our personal testimony and our faith in God the proper way i dont believe is ever wrong. Most ,even when done in the wrong way i think deep down usually do have good intentions. Plz remember being a christian doesnt make us perfect and for some we become over zealous but we need to be sure we arent doing more harm than good. I truly hope you find what you are looking for. Gb :)


Whats even worse CMW is good intending chrsitian folk beatin a poor person to death ( by showin em every single fault they have ) before they can even get inside the church doors. You said it when you stated no one is perfect, and even well intending persons make mistakes, especially when we do all the speaking and dont let God give us the correct words . The point is, give em enough to get that desire to want to know more, and walk with them, teach and help them, saved or not, your comissioned ( as a child of God) to lead ppl to Jesus. Seeker, im sorry you had that experience, cant say that I have never encountered that in my life.


I live in TN also!!!

I think some people let the excitement and the newness of being saved overwhelming. They don’t know how to express that newness positively.

Another thing also is that people have character flows. Just because you get saved does not immediately change you. If you were judgment before, unless you work on it you will still be like that.


Hey Seeker:

I am your neighbor over here in good ole virginia. I would like to encourage you to get the video or DVD by Lee Strobel - The Case for The Creator. I just viewed it and I thought it was very good. Lee used to be an atheist however has since converted to Christianity after much research on his part...

I certainly do hope that you find your way...

Take care and God Bless.



Oh Noah'sMom...you just are so spot on about the showing our faults thing! I have road rash from landing on my face living in this world. I am well aware of my mistakes and oh my lets not get into consequences!lol. God has held me accountable, let me just tell ya! But here is the kicker, it is okay to be enthusiastic and jumping at the opportunity to minister to others, but it has to be handled with so much tlc. You never know how much a person heart bleeds over their choices in life....we tend to be our own judge and jury, even after asking for forgiveness. It was a hard one for me to learn. "Heal the wound but leave a scar" is such a good way to look at it. As Christians we need to remember that where a person has been, what they have overcome to get where they are, may be the testimony that saves someone else....ok I digresssssssssssssssssssssssssss...lol God Bless!


Ooohh Phelpo! I am reading that book right now.


Senior Member
Apr 12, 2009
I would say that the pushy people are not living like they should be anyway, nor are the lead by the Holy Spirit. In my reading the Bible Jesus never pushed anyone neither did the disciples. The best was to win a person to Jesus is to live like He did. Many people will read the Bible and don't get much of an understanding, but if you make yourself a Bible then they will uderstand better. It is the life we live that causes change in people many times.They see the God in us and want that same God for themselves.


The stament about the Devil making you do things. The devil does not make you do anything. It is your choice. But the demons can be around influencing you to do something that is wrong. They will do everything in their power to bring you down and take over your soul. Its a fight for everyones soul. But it is our own decision.

Now I understand exactly what your feeling. Me being on both ends. Chrisitans are humans and we make mistakes just like everyone else. I know some chrsitians go about it the wrong way. We should not judge. That is only something God has the right to do. You maybe should look around for a different church. I've been to a few and there are many that are judgemental and some that are not. You would have to find a home that would work for you. My church does not judge. All they do is show love and they are very big on if you are dealing with a sin or hardship they are there with arms wide open to help you through it.

The best testimony Christians can do is by showing you Gods love and telling you about the Lord and what he has done in their lives.

As far as my belief/faith goes. I have no doubt at all the God is real. No one can ever tell me other wise. I have seen miracles in me, my sisters, friends, and family, and there is no way I would ever doubt. My sister had brain tumors and God healed her, My Aunt could not move her arm at all, and now she can move it in full motion. One of my friends had one leg longer than the other and I saw it grow to be the same size as the other. There are many more that I can keep going on. These examples are only physical healings, there are many emotional healings. Not to forget when you really feel Gods spirit. The Holy Spirirt gives you such a peace. God is Great in all ways. I don't go by people pushing me into doing things, this is what I have seen with my own eyes and what I have expereinced in my life. One thing to go by is Gods word. Gods word is what you need to follow not other people. That is how he speaks to us, the Bible.