Micah Taylor

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Nov 24, 2013


Senior Member
Feb 4, 2016

[Verse 1]
I was the harlot sitting down by the well
I was the leper who was told not to tell
I was so paralyzed, I never had moved
Until 4 of my friends who wouldn't give in
Went and busted up a roof

[Verse 2]
I was the widow who gave up my last dime
I was the blind man with the mud in his eye
I was the woman known by too many men
But as I covered my face, He uncovered His grace
As I heard stones hit the sand

[Chorus 1]
Ooh nobody knew the troubles I've seen
Nobody knew my shame
Nobody knew the places I'd been
I didn't know how to change
But He saw a hope that I did not see
He saw a better way
And the unbelievable thing about the story I tell
Is that you don't even know my name

[Verse 3]
I was the prodigal, once lost but now found
I was made sane the day the swine were all drowned
And I was the thief that was hung up to die
But the Son, the Man looked at my cross I was bearing
And decided to give me life



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Feb 4, 2016
What Mercy Did For Me.