Six Feet Deep - Front

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You got so many emotions that don't click,
So much hate you let pile up so thick.
You kick and scream for things to change
But then you're all out of breath and everything's just the same.
Because you're tryin' but dyin' 'cuz you're denyin' the facts,
You're puttin' up the act to fill the hole where your life lacks
Purpose, conviction, fulfillment, and likewise
The confidence behind the sweat that stings your eyes.
All that anger and all your fear,
All those questions you got caught up in here,
Are there for a reason, you're young, you're alive,
But the answers are there if you'll just open your eyes and see.
God came into our lives, and He changed us,
Gave us a reason to fight and forgave us.
In Christ we're united by the blood of The Lamb,
The blood from the nails in His feet and His hands.
You're only as strong as the chain's weakest link,
So you might not be quite as hard as you think.
A nation divided against itself will fall,
And you can't pull it together, so you're nothin' at all.
Bad boy standin' with the clenched fists,
(give him any lip kid, you're gonna get hit).
Can't tell me you're complete, that being tough is enough,
'cuz we see right through your front and we're callin' your bluff.
You claim to hold your own but you're defending your weak spot,
The hole in your heart where you know you need God.
Your eyes open wide, your skin grows pale,
Because you're face to face with the truth, and it's hard as nails.
You say, how can I say what I say,
How can I suggest what you might need.
You say, I don't know a thing about you
Or how you think.
You say, I am pushing my beliefs on you
And I'm wrong for doing so.
You say, I should shut my mouth
But there's one thing I know...
Your eyes, they see the same as mine.
I know you've got to feel the pain like I do.
I just want you to know,
There is shelter from the storm.