Epidemic of childless and miserable 40+ women

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Oct 10, 2021
I hope that this post does not offend anyone who has chosen to be childless. I had an experience where my sister chose to be childless and I made the mistake of sharing my children's phone numbers with her. She actually tried to take over my family. It was a battle to get her out of their lives when she began causing trouble. She made the mistake of running me down to one of my children who went back at her when they saw what she was doing. She reminded me of that bird that goes around sitting on any nest of eggs it finds and sits in the nest of another bird's eggs.

It got me thinking about the number of young women who have chosen a career over a family. I looked it up and was shocked that psychologists have found great misery in 40 - something's who chose career instead of a family. That describes my sister. I tried to get her to adopt several times but she refused. I don't know why. I think she was in denial about it.

Has anyone else encountered these women or this type of situation?



God bless you and your family hun, because everyone has a right to family. Ill continue to pray for you. Bless day dear🗣🙏🙏