Hong Kong Christians sing hymn to protest about policemen using violence

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New member
Jun 13, 2019
First of all, I am new to Christian Chat, so please forgive me if I violate any rules here. Also, my English is not very good...

Recently, our city, Hong Kong, has been under the spotlight because of the notorious extradition bill. Despite the fact that over a million citizens walked on the street and protested about the bill, the chief executive still insisted that this bill must pass. On 12th, when some protesters surrounded the Central Government Offices, the police even used various types of weapons to attack citizens. Many of them were only teenagers and a few of them were injured severely.

Therefore, some Christians have gathered on the bridge that connected to the Offices and expressed their concern to the police officers by singing just a phrase, "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord", and they have been singing it repeatedly for hours (or even for days)! What's more touching is that before this series of protests, Christians were sometimes blamed of not doing anything but just going to church and singing hymns. However, their singing has proved that we can overcome violence and unfairness with the love of God. What surprises me is that this has also been supported by many non-Christians and some even suggest everyone, regardless of their religions, "sing Hallelujah to the Lord" this Sunday, when another protest would be held!



Staff member
Aug 4, 2008
Hi JenyW welcome to Christian Chat!

Thank you very much for posting this firsthand news for us.


Senior Member
Jan 21, 2013
I pray that the Lord will see you all through this ordeal.

The hymn “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” comes to mind.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
Lord, we commit jenny's prayer to You. We know You are the sovereign God who watches over Your children. As our brothers and sisters in other countries go thru various tests and trials, may we continue to lift them up in prayer, keep them in our prayer list, and continue to sing praise, thanks, and petition to You as we wait on Your answers, Your deliverance, Lord. In Jesus' mighty Name.


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
I agree with all of Your faithful intercessors here, Lord that the people of Hong Kong see Your merciful hand upon them, that You would be exalted, Father God. We thank You God for surrounding them with Your angels and continuing to protect them. You are faithful, Lord!