Huge News, Info On The Internal Working Of Dominion-Smartmatic Voting Machines, And The Human Interaction Process, Fraud?

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May 19, 2020
In the attached video link OAN News at 9:00/21:00

The technical individual describes in detail the Dominion/Smartmatic Machines and its features

He explains how 2-6 individuals per county precinct are trained and have access to download individual voting machine files to a flash drive, having full discretion to transfer or not transfer files, these files are separated by political party, the flash drives are then forwarded to the county seat?

Questions: Were all files loaded to the flash drive, is it the actual flash drive for the precinct?

There is absolutely no accountability to ensure that all files are downloaded to the flash drive,or if the flash drive represents the actual precinct vote?

He explains how individuals have control over ballot scanning settings, primarily the Anomalies setting, that looks for irregularities on the ballot, markings, sharpie pen smuge, if this setting is set high, it moves "more votes" to the question/inspection file in the machine, then these individual county poll workers have full discretion on accepting or rejecting the ballots in the file?

The ballot machines also have internet connection availability, presenting greater security risk

The Philadelphia County voting warehouse had a laptop and keys to main access stolen,a back up when they are caught in the future, blame it on the unknown thief?