Illegally Curing The Vote, Philadelphia And Pittsburgh?

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Well-known member
May 19, 2020
Heritage Foundation, In the 7:00 attached Clip it is discussed how Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (Cured The Vote) these areas are 70%-80% Democrats voting

If these precincts had mailed votes that were filled out wrong, no signature, address, etc, these precincts would call the voters and have them come in to fix the problem?

As shown in the clip, this is against. Pennsylvania State Law, the ballots are to be rejected, this is a direct violation of the law, and US constitution.

Just One Example Of Fraud In Pennsylvania.


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
An improperly filled out ballot has always been rendered worthless/rejected... until now?

Why would they change that? Rhetorical question ;)


Honor, Courage, Commitment
Jun 25, 2017
Yes, and in the 19 states that it is legal it is implemented in a fair and equitable manner across the entire State... Whereas, not only is it Not Authorized in Pa - the manner in which is was implemented and observed (and recorded via sworn affidavits) was explicitly skewed/biased to favor one party over the other...