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Aug 17, 2019

Green Hypocrisy: Watch Elizabeth Warren Try to Hide After Getting Caught Flying on Private Jet

Is that a dirty blond Cherokee in a coat?
Who paid for that ride I wonder.
I'm glad she was caught doing that. Now even the most staunch Liberal knows who she is. What people don't often realize when these poli-tricksters speech (no, not speak), is as they tell us what they'll do for us when they're elected to highest office, they know they're lying so as to get the vote. When they get in the office, they have the excuse premeditated prior to even the lying promises; it isn't feasible at this time. These changes take time. Unfortunately, we don't have the votes, etc... We see an adversarial system pitting both sides of the aisle in D.C against one another, "for our proper representation". In truth, these folks run in the same circles when the cameras are no where to be found. They dine at one anothers homes, they party together, they sleep together, they keep the charade going when we're watching, so that we believe they're there working for us.

They're not! All these years of illegal pursuit by the Democrats against Trump shows us that. And when they are working to make new laws, and telling us what we need to do so as to get through the current struggles we the working class are going through, because we're helping the poor class make it through our taxes, those rich representatives are talking about what we need to do to make it. Not them! Not their rich friends.Us!

Notice how every long term, career, poli-trickster in D.C is rich? When they make just over $100 thousand dollars a year, maybe a little more for the old dog Democrats and Republicans. Think about it. Here's some clues. "$pecial interest$", "Lobbyi$ts". And , Donor$.