Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, bolsters president's power to block new arrivals 5-4 vote

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Active member
Jun 23, 2018

I wonder if Left wing federal judges who violated the US Code & Constitution ruling Trump couldn't exercise his authority in this regard are beating their fists against the wall? Hope so.


Well-known member
Jun 17, 2018
Five to four vote. It should have been 9 to 0.
Ginsburg should recuse herself always in these matters. She was scathing during the campaign and openly hostile toward Trump. Showing her Liberal bias as a SCOTUS judge is to be expected.
I'm so glad for America and President Trump. This decision was justice.


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2011
yeah the 5-4 vote was surprising and disappointing . the law is very clear that any pres. can do what Trump choose to do.


Well-known member
Jun 17, 2018
If it had been during Obama's term the vote would have been 9 to 0. When the supreme court shows partiality and aligns with the enemies that hope to destroy this current President and by proxy our nation and its security, we're on the knife edge of perilous times.

There's one more reason why there must be term limits applied to the Judicial branch. Ginsberg should not be on the court. Many who have paid attention know this has been the case for many a year. Nor should Kennedy.
During the case regarding Arizona's illegal immigrant policy and law enforcement Kennedy went on the record and said it isn't actually illegal for undocumented immigrants to enter here.
That was over a year ago and he still sits on the bench.
Remember Arizona was reported to the UN by then President Obama? Human rights violations! Because Arizona actually enforced the laws against illegal border crossing.